Blockchain Seminars

Blockchain seminars are tailored seminars for your team, company or student class that aim to explain the benefits of blockchain and its aspects (such as tokenization etc.) to your audience. We always focus on the industry and problems your company is facing and deliver the lectures in interactive way.

The lecturer

Vojtech Olbrecht, Ph.D. has practice in teaching over 10 classes in English and Czech on topics like Business Economics, Business Finance and Financial Management.

Vojtech is since lecturing for universities on occasion, focusing mostly on blockchain and blockchain in supply chain.

Presentation tailored to your company

Interactive and engaging session

Lectures available in English and Czech

Focus on supply chain and finance applications

Free consultation

Connect for a free consultation to discuss what solution will be the right one for you.

Let's talk about your and your audience needs, industry and background, as well as preferred form of the seminar.

First steps

Introduction into the topic of blockchain and its use-cases from company's perspective, but always from the business view.

Does not assume prior blockchain knowledge of any participant.

Deep dive

Tailored introduction and discussion of specific use-cases from business perspective. Goes a bit deeper into technical specifics.

Prior knowledge of blockchain and its concepts is required.