Digital ownership

Ideal for unique products that are easy to replicate but hard to produce. Your fans and customers value the product and its originality or uniqueness.

Tokens allow your users to prove the digital ownership of an asset - irrespective of its physical or digital form. It allows them to trade it without physically owning it. It allows you to monetize it and benefit from the resales.

You should consider tokenization when...

  • You have unique product that is easy to replicate, but hard to produce

  • You have fans/customers that value your product and originality of its uniqueness

  • Your fans/costumers would like to prove they own it

  • Value of your product decreases with counterfeits claiming to be legitimate originals

  • You cannot easily monetize your product

  • You are unable to reap benefits from resales of your product

  • Finding buyer is hard in your physical location

  • It is costly or not possible to move the product to buyers' (and they do not require it to enjoy its value)

  • Your fans/customers would appreciate to trade your product even without physically owning it – or better, would prefer it

Our way

Initial assessment

Let's look on your use case and figure out if and what kind of tokenization is the best for you. Initial consultation is free of charge!

Process design

Let's walk together through the process and figure out what the opportunities and roadblocks are. Let's find out how we can work together to achieve the goal.

Token set up

After we will agree on the business model, we will set up the token and make sure the process is smooth for your and your customers' experience.

Material development

We create materials for you to explain the NFT token, blockchain technology etc. to help you gain traction in your fan base.

Why to work with us?

  • Free consultation for fit-for-purpose overview

  • Free blockchain seminar for your employees

  • Marketing alignment to make sure you leverage the full potential of tokenization

  • Easy process without technical challenges

  • Help with design of the critical elements of the tokenization

What we need from you

Boldness to start

What it takes to start? Imagine going in unknown territory, much like people did in the 80s with the PCs or 90s with the Internet. Are you in?

Flexibility and curiosity

We will pivot and pivot and pivot. We will not stop for obstacles, but our initial plan will. Our common curiosity will push the project further.


This is not a job for one party. We would need both blockchain expertise as well as industry knowledge to achieve success. Without you, this is nothing.

Reach out to us for more info!