About us

First steps...

Trust for everyone, all the time, forever.

We are creating solutions that should allow small and medium businesses to leverage opportunities brought by innovative technologies, blockchain in particular.

Because of the lack of trust and a need for intermediaries, companies and the society in general are using a lot of resources to bridge the trust gap. They are paying transaction cost. CosTra Labs is here to find solutions for everyone to use resources the effective way.

We are starting by building small solutions with a real business cases to help companies to tip toe to the new waters. This will allow us to understand what businesses need and what society problems it solves. Later on, we want to develop industry-oriented SaaS solutions that will allow small and medium businesses harness benefits of the blockchain technology the same way big companies are doing it for the fraction of the cost. We want to focus on those industries that leave a lot of money on the table due to lack of trust and a need for intermediaries to ensure it.

Learning by doing is what we trust in. By starting small, with focus on individual companies and their use cases, following with industry-specific solutions, we want to keep hands-on approach and create tools that would be universally applicable for the economy in general.

... to create verifiable economy.