Costra Labs

Connecting blockchain with real-world use cases

Beyond the Hype

Bringing blockchain to life by connecting it with real-world use cases. Helping to get oriented and to bridge the gap between technology and business for people and small and medium businesses.

The Real Thing

Blockchain and crypto market got famous for excessive valuations and volatility unseen for decades. Though these are the signs of the emerging market, it is not where the real benefit is. We want to make it easy for SMEs to understand the benefits and use cases.

The Right Thing

The commitment to blockchain can mean large investment on the part of the company which is just starting to understand what the benefits might be. We want it to be easy and relatively inexpensive to try out the technology and figure out if it is a right fit.

The Reality

The main benefit of blockchain technology is to ensure trust. Today we are achieving trust by personal connections that are hard to build or via intermediaries that are inflexible and expensive. We want to bring trust for everyone, all the time and forever.

Our Services

Seminars and Workshops

Go right into it.

We will walk your company or class through the blockchain ecosystem with a seminar carefully bended to your company/class industry and needs.

We will talk about business use cases, tools to use and give you an introduction into the technology (without the technical jibber-jabber).


Get behind the hype.

Do you consider blockchain to be an interesting asset for your business?

We will help you to evaluate the current environment, consider your business position, and provide you with up-to-date realistic assessment of blockchain potential and feasibility for your industry and/or company.


Try it out.

Tokens got famous for extremely high sales. Little is known that tokens can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage and build a sustainable community.

We offer service of creating tokens, supporting customers with transfers and aligning communication to reap the benefits of tokenization.

Featured Projects

Tokenization of Wine for Winery

Intro Workshop for Accounting Consultancy

Feasibility Study for Lending Company

Tokenization of Art for Photographer


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