Our Lines of Work


Get behind the hype.

Do you consider blockchain to be an interesting asset for your business? Or do you need help deciding whether it is more than a hype?

We will help you to evaluate the current environment, consider your business position, and provide you with up-to-date realistic assessment of blockchain potential and feasibility for your company.


Go right into it.

Are you already decided? Good: seminars and workshops for you and your company might be the first steps you need. We will tailor them to you needs and do not use technical jibber-jabber.

Or perhaps you found that tokenization might be the way? Let us help: We offer service of creating tokens, supporting customers with transfers and aligning communication to reap the benefits of tokenization.


Our direct projects

This is where we innovate. It is not consultancy, not services, it is project work. And as a byproduct of working on interesting projects, this allows us to be updated and up to speed so that we can bring the most value to our customers.

More details to come soon.

Can we do something else?