Costra Labs created a study for a small lending company that helped to make an executive decision on the involvement of crypto into their line of business.

Small company operating in loan business approached Costra Labs to help them understand how crypto can disrupt lending industry. We proceeded in the following way:


Research and Brainstorming

We started by getting all relevant information, researching and brainstorming on the possibilities.

This also included sessions to get to know the company and its industry as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Deep Dive

First ideas were available on how the client can leverage blockchain and what it might mean for the industry.

Following on selection of the two most preferred options, these were collaboratively researched in depth, including indicative estimates of revenues and costs.


Executive Decision Making

Information delivered to the decision makers was presented in a way that the top leadership could have made an informed decision about the future involvement of crypto into its business.

Leadership was also informed about the latest industry trends in the area of crypto and blockchain.

Based on the work the credit company was able to make an informed decision on whether to go or not to go into more elaboration on the topic. The study was completely tailored to their size, industry and environment.