Introductory Workshop

Costra Labs delivered an introductory workshop that helped auditing consultants to better understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies and therefore increased their value to their clients.

Large auditing company started getting questions from clients about cryptocurrencies and various other blockchain-based tokens. While themselves being experts on accounting and taxation, consultants needed to get an understanding of cryptocurrencies and of the blockchain ecosystem to be able to provide its clients added value.

Workshop lasted 6 hours and over 100 people attended it. The agenda was carefully drafted with a partner of the company to make sure it is as close to audience needs as possible.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • Basic terminology

  • Practical overview of the ecosystem (how to set up a wallet, how to buy cryptocurrency)

  • Tokens and their issuance

  • Use cases overview

  • Legal and other implications

The workshop allowed participants to understand basics of blockchain and crypto targeted to their job specifics and was received well by them. According to the partner of the company, they appreciated that the lecturer was of economic background and was focusing on the business side without much of the technical deep dive.