The two key services we offer are blockchain seminars and tokenization of digital and physical items.

However, if you feel like you need our services in another area, do not hesitate to reach out - and see what we can do.

Blockchain seminars

Presentation tailored to your company

Blockchain seminars are tailored seminars or workshops for your team, company or student class that aim to explain the benefits of blockchain and its aspects (such as tokenization etc.) to your audience. We always focus on the industry and problems your company is facing and deliver the lectures in an interactive way.

Interactive and engaging sessions with focus on supply chain and finance

Vojtech Olbrecht, Ph.D. has practice in teaching over 10 classes in English and Czech on topics like Business Economics, Business Finance and Financial Management. Since finishing the studies, he is lecturing on occasion, focusing mostly on blockchain and blockchain in supply chain.

We offer introductory and advanced lectures

Introduction into the topic of blockchain and its use-cases from a company's perspective, with focus on the business side that does not assume prior blockchain knowledge of any participant.

Or a tailored advanced workshop with discussion of specific use-cases from a business perspective. Goes a bit deeper into technical specifics.


Tokens allow your users to prove the digital ownership of an asset - irrespective of its physical or digital form. It allows them to trade it without physically owning it. It allows you to monetize it and benefit from the resales.

You should consider tokenization when

Our Way consists of

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